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Tree Removal

Removing your tree is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. This is often very costly, and trees add tremendous value and curb appeal to your property when properly managed. An arborist can made recommendations and perform a risk assessment to advise whether the tree needs to be pruned or removed. It's often considerably cheaper to prune a tree vs. removing it. 

Tree removal is dangerous regardless of what's around the tree. This risk is increased by decayed trees, electrical and service drops, and buildings or other structures that must be avoided during the removal process. 



Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning should be done by a qualified Arborist, as improper pruning could significantly reduce the life of your trees, or kill them completely! An arborist should never use "gaffs" or "spikes" to climb a tree that's being pruned, this wounds the tree, and creates a vector for bugs or disease.

There are many benefits to tree pruning: removal of dead or decayed branches, storm damage, cross leading branches, wind-sail, and improved storm resistance. 
We often are called to fix work done by other companies that performed work like "topping," or other improper pruning techniques. Often the damage has already been done, and sometimes it's too late to do anything about it. 
Our team of arborists will assess your needs, and make the proper recommendations.

Stump Grinding

Stumps are sometimes a nuisance, and are unsightly. We grind our stumps with a new Carlton tracked grinder to save your lawn.

Storm Damage Repair

Trees are usually the first victims of ice or wind storms. The wounds created by limbs breaking off should be pruned according the ISA standards to help promote compartmentalization. Un-compartmentalized decay often leads to the hollowing out of the trunk, which creates a significant structural weakness and eventually a point of failure.

Risk Assessments

Trees are often planted near properties to improve the landscape appearance. This however poses a risk to the surrounding property. Our arborists will identify the targets, and then provide mitigation solutions to protect the property.

Cabling and Bracing

Sometime your trees need a little support. Branches that are deemed too big to prune or the appearance of the crown will be significantly distorted are good candidates for installing support cabling. There are strict guidelines to do this as to not be a detriment to the health of the tree, and for the cabling to function effectively. Additionally, any cabling should be inspected regularly, and replaced every ten years. We utilize the dynamic cobra system, with no drilling.

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